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Acrobat Ants

This type of ant literally got its name by the way it looks like. They are very flexible that they can raise their abdomen above their head, most specifically when they're disturbed.

Acrobat ants often nest in wood that some termites or the carpenter ants have damaged. It is common for acrobat ants to clean out the galleries that other insects have made in the wood, quite a janitor huh?. They push the dirt or wood scraps out of the galleries. Sometimes homeowners find this debris and think there is an active termite infestation, Good thing or a Bad Thing?

Acrobat ants are capable of nesting inside buildings, sometimes inside insulated spaces. The most visible sign of Acrobat ants are the trails of ants as they forage for resources. A second sign is a debris they deposit as they excavate their nests. This often consists of foam insulation and dead ants near the nest.

Acrobat Ant

"The Ant's a Centaur in his Dragon World'

- Ezra Pound

Learn About Your Enemy!

Ever heard of this saying? Yes, you have to know more about them to know how to cope up with them or even remove them...

Watch this short educational video to learn how Acrobat Ants Work.


Acrobat ants can be identified most easily by their distinct heart-shaped abdomen held in the air.