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Big Headed Ant

There are several species of big-headed ants that can be found throughout the United States. They are in the genus Pheidole. Depending on the species, their color ranges from yellow to dark reddish-brown.

Bigheaded ants nest in the ground under rocks or logs. They sometimes make a mound around the nest opening. It is common for these ants to nest under a slab or beside the foundation of a home. They often enter homes through cracks in the foundation. Although they do not usually nest inside of homes, they often forage inside homes for food. Most indoor problems with big-headed ants begin outdoors.

big headed ant

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Signs of a Big-headed Ant Infestation

As with most ants, the most common sign is the worker ants. They often are observed when foraging for food, which can bring them indoors into areas such as kitchens or even bathrooms.

To help prevent bigheaded ant problems, remove potential nesting places near the home. Firewood piles should be as far from the house as possible. Maintaining a gap between the building and any mulch or vegetation will help discourage these ants from invading the home.

Controlling these ants can involve several treatment methods. If part of the colony survives, the population can rebound. It is best to leave control to the pest control professional.

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