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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants build their nest inside of a wood, that's why they are called Carpenter Ants, but unlike other termites, Carpenter Ants never eat the wood, they only use it as their Habitat.

This type of ants inhabits trees, but they only inhabits buildings or houses made of woods, or any other things made from wood, in which causes structural damages. This type of ants is one of the most problem of people in the United States, specifically the Black Carpenter Ants.



Size: (Large) 0.3 to 1.0 in or 0.76 to 2.54 cm or 1/2 inches

Weapons: Strong Jaws, sprays Formic Acid

carpenter ants 1

"Two Ants Do Not Fail to Pull One Grasshopper"

- Tanzanian Proverb

What Can Be The Solution?

Carpenter Ants Problem can be solved by simple ways but there are some times that simple ways are not the solution. We, as a team, can finish your struggles with this type of ants through special skills and things to use. We can assure you the quality of our service and will surely provide you the best experience you can have with our Pest Control Service.

No Carpenter Ants, No Problem! So if ever you experience a problem with this type of Pest, do not hesitate to call us.

Should I worry about finding a few carpenter ants inside our house?

Usually not. At certain times of the year carpenter ant nests located outside but near houses release large numbers of winged ants (left, above) that are capable of flying in through open doors and windows. The presence of these ants indoors is no reason for concern. If more than a few ants are found indoors, however, there may be a nest, or nests, in the walls.

Should I worry about finding a few carpenter ants outdoors?

No. In many areas carpenter ants (Camponotus spp.) are very common. It is therefore not unusual to encounter these large ants outdoors. The key point here is if they seem to be moving in a directed way either toward or away from the house. This "trailing" behavior may indicate a nest located inside the home. Otherwise, finding ants outside should be no concern.

Are periodic maintenance treatments for carpenter ants necessary?

No. Regular perimeter treatments are not needed to control carpenter ants. Once interior nests are eliminated by a properly done initial treatment the only needed follow-up are routine inspections

Are wall void treatments for carpenter ants safe?

Yes. The standard treatment for carpenter ants involves placing a band of insecticide in the exterior walls completely around the house. This insecticide is placed out of reach and has no dangerous fumes if done properly.