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Moisture Ant

Moisture Ant is the most common and basic term for two local ant species, the Cornfield Ant and the Large Yellow Ant. Both of these ants are known to mine wood - usually damp wood, or wood in moist areas, and are considered to be wood destroying organisms.

In nature, they make their nests in stumps, fallen logs, and any type of dead, moist cellular matter - think dead root systems, dead corn stalks, leaf debris, etc.


Moisture ants feed on honeydew. The workers get honeydew from aphids and scale insects that feed on plant roots.


More About Them...

These ants actually eat other insects and insect secretions. Aphids make a sticky 'sap' when they eat the leaves of bushes and trees. This 'sap' is an insect super food, highly valued by ants and wasps - it is almost pure sugar. These ants are especially adept at feeding off of aphid activity occurring under ground around the roots of trees and shrubs.