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Bird Lice are small and vary in color and hard to see. Eggs are attached to the feather, close to the skin and hatch in a few days. Bird lice will not leave a bird host in search of an animal or pet host but have been known to bite humans when separated from a bird or when humans are handling birds infected with bird lice.

Birds with lice will groom more often than one without lice. Bird lice may crawl away or fall off and go in search of a new food source. Bird lice cannot survive more than a couple of days without a blood meal and will bite a pet or human if they come in contact with the lice before it finds another bird host.


Cream to brown




Bird mites belong to a group of arthropods, which are morphologically very similar in appearance, yet have very different habits and ecologies. Failure to properly identify the mites to the species level can lead to incorrect treatments and non-control of the pest. Mites should be referred to an expert laboratory for proper identification, such as the Department of Medical Entomology, ICPMR.

Control Advice

Remove wild bird nests close to your home and discourage wild birds from gathering or roosting on your home.

Active Seasons

Bird Lice are active in any season.

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