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Have a American Cockroach Problem?


The American Cockroach is originally from Africa and thrives outdoors in warm climates. In cooler climates it will live in sewers, basements, under porches and in foundations. It is one of the largest species of cockroaches and is most active at night. It scampers quickly out of sight and is known to be aggressive. It can also fly.

The American Cockroach thrives outdoors, often choosing to live in flowerbeds and near a water source. In your home they are most often found in kitchen pantries in search of sweets and in bathrooms where they are attracted to hair and soap.


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American cockroaches normally live outdoors. They prefer warm, damp areas like flowerbeds, and under mulch. In many parts of the United States people call them “palmetto bugs” because they live on trees. American cockroaches are very common in sewer systems of many American cities.

Control Advice

Because the American Cockroach prefers living outdoors, prevent them from entering your home when they are in search of food and water. Close off openings in the foundation and clear yard clippings and leaves away from the house. Insecticides are also effective in treating indoor and outdoor infestations.

Active Seasons

American Cockroaches are most active in winter, spring and summer.

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