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The Florida Woods Cockroach is a large cockroach that is a glossy black and has short wings but does not fly. It thrives in warm, wet climates and is prolific in the southeastern United States. It prefers being outdoors but if it comes inside it is usually found in bathrooms or kitchens or under wet floorboards such as those used for porches.

It prefers living in wet, decaying wood, under leaves and in bushes or tree holes where moisture has collected. It is sometimes referred to as the Palmetto Bug because it is often seen in Palmetto trees. It moves slowly and may release an offensive order when disturbed.




1 1/2” – 2”

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The Florida woods cockroach is also commonly referred to as the stinking cockroach. When threatened by predators, this species releases a foul-smelling liquid. In Florida they may be found hiding under palmetto leaves.

Control Advice

Eliminate heavy landscaping next to the house, locate woodpiles away from the house, ensure all windows and attic ventilations are covered with screens, and seal cracks outside the house. Bring pet food in at night and cover garbage securely.

Active Seasons

The Florida Woods Cockroach is most active in spring and summer.

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