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Have a German Cockroach Problem?


Two dark streaks run parallel from the head to the base of its wings. German Cockroaches are one of the smaller species of cockroaches and can more easily hide from view because of their small size.


Tan, Brown



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German cockroaches are well-known indoor cockroaches with a distribution that is world-wide. Adults are easily recognized by their light brown or tan coloration with two black horizontal stripes located on the pronotum immediately behind the head, and growing to a length of 13-16 mm.

Control Advice

There are more German Cockroaches in the world than any other cockroach and it is the most common cockroach in the United States. Primarily located in kitchens and bathrooms where water is most readily available.

Over the counter sprays may keep some of them out of sight but the real problem is hiding from view. Cockroaches live by hiding well and if you’ve seen one or a few, there are likely dozens or thousands more hiding from you.

Active Seasons

German Cockroaches are active all year, with higher levels of activity in warmer seasons and climates. In cooler months they will seek warm spaces, like buildings and sewers, to live in.

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