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The Oriental Cockroach is large with a dark brown or black glossy body. The males and females are slightly different. The female is wider and has small useless wings while the male is thinner and has long brown wings that allow it to make short flights.

The oriental cockroach thrives in warm humid temperatures and prefers to stay close to the ground. It is often called a water bug because it stays near water. Often they can be found in groups congregating around water sources. It is an opportunistic forager, eating whatever it can find. Outside it can be found under dead leaves, mulch and near rainwater drains. It will come inside in colder months, usually through sewer pipes or other plumbing and can be found in basements and between walls, usually near bathrooms and kitchens.


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The adults of the oriental cockroach are very different in appearance. The smaller adult male oriental cockroaches, reaching only a length of 25 mm, can be identified by the presence of three-quarter-length wings, leaving the last few abdominal segments exposed.

Control Advice

Locate woodpiles away from the house and clear yard of leaf debris. Bring pet food in at night and cover garbage securely. Seal cracks in the foundation.

Active Seasons

The Oriental Cockroach is most active in spring, summer and fall.

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