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The Female Woods Cockroach is darker in color than the male, and has short useless wings and does not fly. Both males and females are more active during the day and prefer living and breeding outside. For the duration of the mating season, which is usually between May and June, the female releases a scent that signals the male that she is ready to mate. During this time she may wander indoors and the males will follow her.

The Woods cockroach thrives on eating organic materials that are decaying. They are most often found in or near wooded areas and may be frequent visitors to homes located near dense foliage. Both males and females have been found under wood roof shingles and in garages where wood or firewood is stored.


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Wood cockroaches range in size, depending on the sex. Adult males are 22 to 30 mm, and females are 13 to 20 mm in length.

Control Advice

Locate woodpiles away from the house and clear yard of leaf debris. Seal cracks in the exterior of your home and cover ventilation spaces with screening.

Active Seasons

The Female Woods Cockroach is most active in spring and summer.

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