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Have a Blow Fly and Bottle Fly Problem?


The Blow Fly and the Bottle Fly are small flies identified by their shiny, metallic looking bodies, usually blue or green in color, depending on the species, but other colors can also be present. The Bottle Fly is a subspecies of the Blow Fly.

When the Blow Fly and the Bottle Fly females are ready to lay their eggs, they locate a newly dead body, usually that of an animal, and lay their eggs in the flesh. The eggs hatch in eight to 24 hours and the maggots immediately begin feeding on the flesh. The next stage of development occurs about a week later when the maggot burrows underground and goes into the pupate stage, from which the fly emerges as an adult one to two weeks later.

When a carcass cannot be found, the female will lay her eggs in decomposing matter in garbage.


Metallic blue, green, copper



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Control Advice

Dispose of garbage often and away from the house in airtight bags.

Active Seasons

The Blow Fly and the Bottle Fly are most active in spring and summer.

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