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Have a Crane Fly Problem?


The Crane Fly has long slender legs, wings and body. The Crane Fly is often mistaken for a mosquito and at first glance may appear threatening. It is larger than a mosquito however, and in tropical climates can be nearly 3” long. It is a clumsy flyer, seeming to amble about its way. It is attracted to light and may come inside through an open door or window.

The Crane fly is usually found near wetlands, damp woodlands, coastal waterways, and watered lawns where they need warm wet conditions to breed and hatch their young. Eggs are deposited in the ground near water.

The adult Crane Fly feeds on nectar and other plant juices while the larvae feeds on eat decaying vegetation, sometimes damaging the root structures. The Crane fly larvae will occasionally feed on mosquito larvae.


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Control Advice

Ensure all windows and attic ventilations are covered with screens to keep the Crane fly from coming inside.

Active Seasons

The Crane Fly is most active in spring and summer.

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