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Have a Fungus Gnat Problem?


The Fungus Gnat is a tiny species of fly with transparent wings on a black body. They lay eggs in wet soil and near vegetation where the larvae feed on the mold that grows in over-wet soil and on the roots of the plants nearby. The larvae are harder to see than the adults and seeing the adults flying around is often the first indication that Fungus Gnats are present.

The adult Fungus Gnat lives about a week, long enough to mate and lay eggs. Occasionally they will lay eggs in walls where water has leaked and mold has developed.





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Control Advice

Allow potted houseplants to dry thoroughly between watering, adjust watering schedule for houseplants’ seasonal watering needs. Repot houseplants in new soil if mold has developed and remove decaying roots or bulbs.

Active Seasons

The Fungus Gnat is active year round but may be more active in fall and winter if houseplants’ water schedule is not adjusted when their water needs drop in fall and winter.

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