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Have a House Fly Problem?


The House Fly can be found around the world. It breeds quickly, laying eggs in any warm moist environment. It prefers manure or feces but will use garbage or any other smelly environment it can find. A days-old female lays 75 to 100 eggs at a time. In warm weather the eggs can hatch in less than a day and the larvae (maggots) will feed for four days before pupating into adult flies.

The House Fly is more than a nuisance. Because it is attracted to garbage and feces it can carry disease to any surface or person that it comes in contact with. The House Fly has been found to carry as many as 100 different diseases, including typhoid and Salmonella.





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Control Advice

Dispose of garbage in a closed container or bag all garbage before disposing. Clean yard of feces and dispose of in closed bags and store garbage containers away from the house.

Active Seasons

The House Fly is most active in spring and summer.

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