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Have a Moth (Drain) Fly Problem?


The Moth Fly is a very small fly with hairs that give it a fuzzy appearance. It is not a good flyer and hovers rather than flies. The Moth Fly is commonly referred to as the Drain Fly because when it is seen in homes it is usually around sink drains in bathrooms and kitchens. It tends to stay near its breeding area which is near water and decaying organic matter.

The female Moth Fly lays her eggs in dirty water where the larvae feed on the organic material. The Moth Fly will also breed in sewer pipes and drains inside a home. Although the Moth Fly is not known to transmit diseases to humans, it lives in unsanitary environments and can carry germs and bacteria to other surfaces.





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Control Advice

For mild infestation in home drains, use a biodegradable drain product. For more serious infestations under flooring or foundations, the decaying matter must be cleaned away and the flooring replaced.

Active Seasons

The Moth Fly is active year round.

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