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Have a Phorid Fly Problem?


The Phorid Fly is a small brown fly with a black head and an arch on its upper back. It may be mistaken for a gnat but can be identified from its habit of running quickly rather than flying away. The female lays her eggs in decomposing organic material. If found outside they will likely be near a dead animal or decaying vegetation. If found inside they are likely to be near sink drains or under wet flooring.

The Phorid Fly does not bite nor transmit diseases to humans, but has been known to lay eggs on live animals and humans, possibly in an open wound.





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The first ever large-scale inventory of an urban phorid fly fauna is described. Collections from 30 Malaise traps from urban Los Angeles over one year from the BioSCAN Project document the presence of 99 species from 42,480 specimens identified.

Control Advice

Keep outdoor vegetation away from the house and properly dispose animal carcasses. For mild infestation in home drains, use a biodegradable drain product. For more serious infestations under flooring or foundations, the decaying matter must be cleaned away and the flooring replaced.

Active Seasons

The Phorid Fly is most active in spring and summer.

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