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Have a Amphipod Problem?


The Amphipod is a flat bodied crustacean. There are over 7,000 species and those on land live in very wet conditions like well-watered lawns, gardens, ponds and landscape water features, saucers under potted plants, or any place else that water collects.

On land, Amphipods burrow into overly wet sand, mud, or soil and can sometimes be found living under ivy planted as a ground cover. Amphipods are often called ‘sand fleas’ or ‘sand hoppers’ because they tend to jump when disturbed.

Most Amphipods that people usually come in contact with are scavengers, feeding on bacteria and dead plants and animals. Amphipods may move indoors when there are large populations or when conditions outside are dry but perish when they cannot find wet conditions indoors.





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Control Advice

Reduce or eliminate plants that require overwatering next to the home. Water features should have adequate drainage to prevent standing water. Reduce mulch layers, water plants only when necessary, and provide adequate drainage around plants.

Active Seasons

Amphipods are most active in warm seasons.

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