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Have a Box Elder Bug Problem?


The Box Elder Bug is small black bug with a long oval body and small head with a pair of antennae and distinctive orange or red lines on its back. Nymphs are about 1/16” and after hatching they are bright red.

Box Elder Bugs overwinter in warm places like the cracks and spaces around homes. Some may winter inside walls, attics and crawl spaces. Box Elder Bug adults emerge from the ground in the warmth of spring and summer to feed on seeds and low vegetation. In mid-summer they lay eggs on nearby Maple, Ash and Box Elder trees.

The Box Elder Bug is harmless to humans, pets, and plants, but their habit of congregating in large numbers and need for warmth makes them a nuisance and they leave waste behind when they gather near entryways and even enter homes in search of warmth.


Black with red


up to 1 1/2”


The bodies of box elder bugs are black in color and are marked by red lines along the thorax and sides. Their wings are flat and red. Box elder bugs measure between 11 to 14 mm long.

Control Advice

Seal spaces around doorways, windows, foundations, utility wires, pipes, and dryer vents. Use tight fitting screens for open windows.

Active Seasons

The Box Elder Bug is most active in spring and summer.

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