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Have a Cricket Problem?


Crickets are generally brown with black strips across the head and have long, thin antenna. Their bodies are rather flat, allowing them to hide in small spaces for protection. House crickets are about 3/4” long while field crickets can be more than 1” long. Crickets generally live about two to three months.

Crickets are most active at night. The chirp sound you hear occurs when the male Cricket rubs his wings together to call to a female or to warn off other males.

Crickets favor living outside, where they scavenge for seeds and decaying plants and sometimes they target agricultural crops. Crickets will come inside seeking food, water, and warmth. Once inside the eat clothing, carpet, paper, and food.


Brown with Black


3/4”-1 1/2”


It is rumored that crickets can tell the outside temperature: Count the number of chirps they make in one minute, divide by 4 and then add the number 40 to reach the outside temperature.

Control Advice

Seal any cracks in your home’s foundation, keep doors closed, and clear your yard of any dead leaves or other excess plant materials.

Active Seasons

Crickets are most active in summer and fall months.

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