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Have a Elm Leaf Beetle Problem?


The Elm Leaf Beetle is green with black stripes on the sides and feeds on Elm tree leaves. Females lay rows of eggs on the undersides of leaves. The young hatch and begin feeding right away.

The Elm Leaf Beetle eats the leaves of the Elm tree, destroying the leaves and damaging the tree. Leaf damage will be most visible underneath where the Elm Leaf Beetle focuses on the soft leaf between the veins. Heavy infestations can lead to a weakened tree that becomes more vulnerable to disease and wind damage.

The Elm Leaf Beetle may travel indoors to hibernate through winter where they will gather in large numbers. They will not feed or mate indoors but large groups of the Elm Leaf Beetles may be seen leaving in spring or on warm days.


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Adult elm leaf beetles are about 13 mm long. They are yellow to olive colored. They have a dark band on the outside edge of each wing cover. The larvae are yellow and have a black stripe.

Control Advice

Treat Elm trees with proper pesticides at the proper reproduction cycle. Seal cracks or openings to the home, use good weather stripping, and consider applying an insecticide barrier to the home.

Active Seasons

The Earwig is most active in spring, summer and fall.

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