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Have a Jerusalem Cricket Problem?


Jerusalem Crickets have a round, brown head and a brown and black striped abdomen and is also known as the “Potato Bug”. It has two dark, beady eyes behind two antennae. The Jerusalem Cricket is nocturnal and mostly lives underground. Its large muscular head helps it dig through dirt while it uses its h3 jaws to feed on roots and decaying plants. It will also eat live plants and insects.

The Jerusalem Cricket is not aggressive toward humans but does have 3 jaws and may deliver a painful but harmless bite if it feels threatened. During mating season it will create a drumming sound by thumping its abdomen on the ground.

Jerusalem Crickets are most often found outside in gardens and under rocks but their roaming may bring them indoors on occasion.


Brown with Black


1 1/4”-2”


Many people are startled when they see a Jerusalem cricket for the first time. It is a large insect. It is common for a Jerusalem cricket to be up to 50 mm long. It has a large head and beady black eyes. From the front it appears to have a tiny face.

Control Advice

Plant gardens and flowerbeds away from the home’s foundation. Sticky traps near doorways can be used to trap them. Jerusalem Crickets found inside can be relocated outside, away from the house.

Active Seasons

Jerusalem Crickets are most active in winter, spring and summer.

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