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Have a Mayfly Problem?


The Mayfly is a small insect with two pairs of wings, a pair of antennae, and three very long appendages from the rear of its abdomen. Colors vary by species, but most are almost translucent wings with pale to dark brown bodies. Some have iridescent colors on their bodies as well.

Female Mayflies deposit their eggs in the water where the larvae hatch and remain until they pupate and emerge from the water as adults. The adult Mayfly does not feed. Soon after the Mayfly emerges from the water as an adult, it swarms in the air in a mating frenzy that lasts only a couple of nights, and then it dies.

The Mayfly is attracted to bright lights and the adults may become a nuisance when they swarm to lights at night.




up to 1 1/4”


Mayflies are usually green, ½ to 1 inch in length and have two or three long tails that extend from the end of my body. I have two sets of wings that are held up over my body when I am not flying.

Control Advice

Use to yellow ‘bug’ lights in outdoor lighting areas to discourage Caddisflies from swarming around lights at night. Use a vacuum to remove Mayflies that come inside.

Active Seasons

The Mayfly is most active in spring and summer.

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