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Have a Millipede Problem?


The Millipede is dark brown, nearly black, with a long multi-segmented body. It has a broad, rounded head with two short antennae, and numerous pairs of short legs, with two pairs of legs on each body segment. Most millipedes are about 2” long but can grow larger.

Millipedes can most often be found outdoors where they live in damp areas such as under thick leaf debris or dense lawns and feed on decaying leaves and wood. They lay their eggs in the soil and can live several years so in the right conditions a large population can occur. When over population occurs they will migrate to another location in large numbers.

Millipedes may move indoors in the fall seeking warmer temperatures and will seek areas with moisture, such as basements or garages or places with water leakage.


Dark brown


up to 4″


Millipedes are small arthropods, not insects. They have two legs per body segment. While their name means “thousand legs”, they do not have that many. They typically have between 80 and 400 legs.

Control Advice

Relocate decaying leaf and wood away from the home. Keep mulch under 2 inches thick. Seal exterior openings to the home.

Active Seasons

Millipedes are most active in summer and fall.

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