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Have a Mole Cricket Problem?


Mole Crickets are easily identified by their two paddle-shaped front legs that help it dig and swim. They have a long body with dark beady eyes and wings.

Mole Crickets live underground and are active mostly at night when they eat insects and plants, causing extensive damage to the root structures of lawns, gardens and other live plants. They dig extensive tunnels, some going down nearly three feet, and large populations of Mole Crickets can destroy a lawn, garden, or flowerbed in a short time.

The Mole Cricket is not aggressive toward humans but they are attracted to lights and may gather in groups near outdoor lights. Males have been known to fly as far as 5 miles during mating season.


Reddish-brown with black


1 1/4”-2”


The body is brown in colour and covered with fine velvety hairs, and the forelegs are greatly modified for digging. Only the adult stages are winged, and flight is said to be clumsy, directionless and only performed on rare occasions at night.

Control Advice

Lawns and plants can be flooded with soapy water. If more than a few Mole Crickets emerge it may be necessary to treat with pesticides. Sticky traps can be used near doorways.

Active Seasons

Mole Crickets are most active in spring, summer and fall.

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