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Have a Plaster Beetle Problem?


Plaster Beetle adults are very small, hard shelled beetles with a segmented body. It has an oval shaped abdomen and a pair of antennae on its head.

Plaster Beetles are good flyers and are drawn to any place where moisture provides a breeding ground for mold. They can quickly get into a building through small crevices or window screens. Once inside they feed on mold growing in walls, under wallpaper or carpeting, in basements, or in any areas where high humidity, condensation, or water leaks have lead to a buildup of moisture that has encouraged mold to grow.

Plaster Beetles may also find mold in stored food like cheese. While they are feeding on the mold only, the food is contaminated and must be discarded.


Reddish brown to black



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Plaster beetles are members of the family Lathridiidae. They are very small insects, usually less than 1 to 3 mm long. The color ranges from yellowish brown to reddish brown to almost black.

Control Advice

If Plaster Beetles are discovered in the home, vacuum them and discard the contents away from the house. But the key to removal is to locate the mold or fungus and repair the leak or replace the damaged plaster or walls.

Active Seasons

Plaster Beetles can be active all in all seasons.

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