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Have a Psocid Problem?


Psocids are small, with soft bodies, a bulbous nose, and slim antennae. Most Psocids have wings and live on trees, shrubs, or under stones where they feed on fungus, mold, pollen, and decaying organic matter. They do not harm plants but may become a nuisance in their habit of congregating in large numbers.

Some Psocids may move indoors and will seek warm, humid spaces where fungus and mold grow. Some are drawn to areas with plumbing leaks, basements, or air conditioning drain lines. Some Psocids are drawn to books where they eat the glue in book bindings. These have been called ‘book lice’ but are not actually lice and do not harm people or animals.


Cream to pale white



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Control Advice

Reduce or eliminate moisture, especially when humidity conditions are above 50%. Repair water leaks and damaged building materials to eliminate fungus and mold. Store books, boxes, and paper bags in well ventilated areas and off of the ground.

Active Seasons

Psocids are most active in summer.

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