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Have a Stink Bug Problem?


Stinkbugs are primarily a garden pest where they gather on fruits and vegetables to feed. Their mouths are designed to pierce the skin of fruits and vegetables to get to the tender parts inside. Stinkbugs have hard shells on their back to provide protection from predators. Variations in their colors and markings allow them to blend in with the plants they feed on.

The Stinkbug gets its name from the smell it secretes when threatened by predators. When held or gathering in large numbers, the Stinkbug smell can be an unwelcome nuisance.

As winter approaches, Stinkbugs will gather near the warmth of homes and find their way inside to hide for winter. When the temperatures outside warm the walls they are hiding in, they begin to move back outside, sometimes traveling through the home’s interior in search of a way out.


Brown, grey, green




The stink bug, also known as a shield bug, is easily recognized by its five-sided or shield-shaped body. Adult stink bugs are about 3/4" in length with broad bodies, sucking mouth-parts and a set of foul-smelling defensive glands underneath their bodies.

Control Advice

Seal cracks leading into your home to discourage entry. If Stinkbugs have taken up residence in your home, vacuum and discard them away from your home.

Active Seasons

Stinkbugs are most active in spring and summer.

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