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Have a American Spider Beetle Problem?


The American Spider Beetle has a reddish-brown body with cream colored head and legs. It is most active at night or in dark spaces and prefers cool temperatures. The primary source of food for the American Spider Beetle is usually grains, but it will also eat nuts, beans, paper, dead insects, dead animals, dried foods and animal waste, and even some fabrics. It will also eat foods such as certain spices and tobacco that contain chemicals lethal to other beetles.

The American Spider Beetle lays its eggs in the food. Larvae hatch and feed, spinning silk webbing that can be seen even when the beetles and their larvae are not visible. The American Spider Beetle is able to live long periods of time without water and can survive extreme cold and extreme dry conditions. This ability allows the American Spider Beetle to survive in stores of dry grains.


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The American spider beetle (Mezium americanum (Laporte)), is a scavenger pest of stored food. The beetle’s name comes from the shape of the adult beetle. It has long legs and antennae. When viewed from above, it resembles a spider. It has a “humped” appearance.

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Control Advice

Discard infested food and clean food storage area thoroughly, and store dry foods in airtight containers.

Active Seasons

The American Spider Beetle can be active in all seasons.

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