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Have a Bean Weevil Problem?


Bean Weevils are petite, with a rounded, oval shaped body and a small head. They are black or brown to olive green, usually with a speckled pattern.

An adult Bean Weevil lays her eggs on beans like peas, and the larvae eat their way into the bean where they live until the inside of the bean is consumed. They emerge from the bean as adults, mate, and then lay their own eggs. Bean Weevils have a short life span, only living from between 21 to 80 days.


Black and Brown



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Although commonly referred to as bean weevils, the Acanthoscelides obtectus technically belongs to a cadre of seed beetles. In comparison to rice and wheat weevils, bean weevils are rounder in form. They are hairy and shaped much like teardrops. Bean weevils also do not possess the telltale jutting snout present on true weevil species.

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Control Advice

Once you have found Bean Weevils in your pantry, you’ll need to throw the beans away and clean the pantry shelves with soap and hot water. To prevent future infestations, store beans in airtight glass or plastic containers. If weevils were already in a food when you brought it home, storing it in an airtight container will prevent them from spreading to your other beans.

Active Seasons

Bean Weevils can be active anytime of the year.

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