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Have a Dried Fruit Beetle Problem?


The Dried Fruit Beetle has a black, oval body with two large yellow spots on its back. The female lays her eggs on fruit. Eggs and larvae may still be on the fruit when it is harvested. Females will also lay eggs on fruit being stored or dried and in stored grains when fruit is not readily available. When outdoors larvae will drop to the ground to pupate but larvae in dried foods that are already in storage pupate in the stored dried foods.

The Dried Fruit Beetle larvae molt after each phase of development and the cast off skin and waste left behind contaminate the food source. Dried Fruit Beetles also contaminate the fruit with bacteria and yeast they leave behind as they travel between food sources.


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The adult beetle is small (3 mm long). It is an oval, black insect. There are two amber-colored spots on the wing covers. The wing covers are short and leave part of the abdomen exposed. The legs or antennae are often reddish or amber colored.

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Control Advice

Inspect fruit carefully before purchasing or eating. Discard infested food and clean food storage area thoroughly. Store dry food goods in airtight containers.

Active Seasons

The Dried Fruit Beetle can be active all year in warm weather or heated buildings. It will hibernate if temperatures are too cool.

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