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Have a Larder Beetle Problem?


The Larder Beetle is brown with a yellowish band across its back, with six brown spots on the band. The larvae are brown with yellowish stripes. The female Larder Beetle will lay her eggs on or near a food source. The larvae will hatch and move to the food source to feed. When it is time to pupate, the larvae will bore deeper into the food source or anything nearby that may provide shelter.

The Larder Beetle is a major pest of curing and stored meats. Although most homes today do not cure meat, it will invade homes in search of leather, fur and feathers, or dead animals or insects like those overwintering in attic and wall spaces. It will also feed on stored pantry items.


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The larder beetle is a large oval insect. The adult is about 7 to 9 mm long. It is usually black with a yellow band across the wing covers. There are several dark spots in the yellow area.

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Control Advice

Discard infested food and clean food storage area thoroughly. Store dry food goods in airtight containers.

Active Seasons

The Larder Beetle is most active in spring, summer and fall. It hibernates in winter.

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