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Have a Mediterranean Flour Moth Problem?


The adult Mediterranean Flour Moth is gray with sloping black lines on its wings that can be rubbed off. Its flight is more meandering than straight. The adults are drawn to light and are most active in the early hours of the day.

The female Mediterranean Flour Moth lays her eggs in or near a flour or grain food source for the hatching larvae. Larvae feed on the grain during their initial stages of development, casting webs to create tunnels as they consume the food. Even if the larvae are not easily visible, the spun tunnels usually are. When it is time for the pupa stage, they crawl to a location nearby and spin their cocoons, where they stay until emerging as adults.


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The adult Mediterranean flour moth is pale-gray color and about ¾ inch long, with a wingspread of about one inch. Black, wavy lines run across the wing. When at rest, the adult moth extends the forelegs, which raises the head and gives the body a sloping appearance. This is a very distinctive characteristic and is useful for identifying Mediterranean flour moths. The off-white or pink larvae have a dark head and are about ½ inch long when full grown.

Control Advice

Inspect dry food goods carefully before purchasing or eating and store in airtight containers. Discard infested food and inspect other dry food goods in the area. Clean food storage area thoroughly.

Active Seasons

The Mediterranean Flour Moth is most active in summer.

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