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Have a Red Confused Flour Beetle Problem?


The Red Flour Beetle and Confused Flour Beetle are easily confused as they are the same size and both are reddish-brown. Differences between the two species may not be visible without very close inspection but the Red Flour Beetle is capable of flying with the Confused Flour Beetle does not fly.

Whether it is the Red or Confused Flour Beetle, they both infest dry food sources, often choosing grains, flour, crackers, cereal, beans, nuts, seeds, spices, pet foods and chocolate, but other accessible dried foods are also at risk. The adult female lays tiny white eggs that can be hard to see. The larvae are small and light brown. The beetles have an unpleasant smell and the eggs, larvae and adults may all live and feed in the food source, causing mold growth.






Two of the most common flour beetles are the confused flour beetle, Tribolium confusum (duVal), and the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum (Herbst). These are small beetles. The adults are about 3 to 4 mm long. They are reddish brown in color. There are differences between the antennae of these two beetles. Since these insects are so small, it usually requires a magnifying glass to recognize these differences.

Control Advice

Remove infested food and clean food storage area thoroughly. Store new dry food goods in airtight containers.

Active Seasons

The Red or Confused Flour Beetles can be active all year, especially in warm weather and heated buildings.

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