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Have a Rice and Granary Weevils Problem?


The Rice and Granary Weevils are similar in their development and habitat. The Rice Weevil is brown with four patches of light color on its wings, while the Granary Weevil is all brown.

The adult female deposits one egg inside a grain, seed, or kernel. The larvae hatches and feeds inside the food source. When the grain, seed, or kernel is hollow the larvae cocoons inside then emerges as an adult, leaving an exit hole as evidence of its presence.

Rice and Granary Weevils do not carry disease and are not harmful to people, animals, furniture or buildings. However, they destroy food sources and attract other insects that feed or lay their eggs on the weevils.





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Control Advice

Inspect dry food goods carefully before purchasing or eating and transfer to airtight containers for storage. Discard infested food and inspect nearby dry food goods. Clean the food storage area thoroughly.

Active Seasons

The Dobsonfly is most active in spring and summer.

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