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Have a Warehouse and Cabinet Beetles Problem?


Warehouse and Cabinet Beetles are small with yellow mottled color patterns on oval-shaped, brownish-black bodies. The Warehouse Beetle is slightly smaller than the Cabinet Beetle. Both will feed on dead insects, clothing, and stored foods such as flour, corn, nuts, pet foods, and seeds. They will also feed on feather pillows and comforters, furniture and toy stuffing, and insulation containing organic materials.

The adult female lays her eggs in a food source where the larvae hatch and develop into adults. The larvae of Warehouse and Cabinet Beetles are yellow to dark brown and about 1/4” long. Small hairs on the larvae break off in the food they live in and can cause irritation to the mouth, throat and digestive tract if ingested.





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One of the most common stored-product insect pests in the world, the warehouse beetle can wreak havoc in pantries when left unchecked. The insects are found across Canada and affect various commodities, including legumes, nuts, animal feed, barley, wheat, pollen, and stored seeds.

Control Advice

Inspect foods carefully and store new dry food goods in airtight containers. Remove infested food and vacuum food storage area thoroughly. Clean out light fixtures, attics, and wall spaces where dead insects may accumulate. Use sticky traps to catch beetles crawling out from wall or attic nesting sites.

Active Seasons

Warehouse and Cabinet Beetles may be active all year.

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