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Have a Deer Mouse Problem?


The Deer Mouse is brown on top and white on its underside, legs and feet. It has a pointed nose and black eyes and the tail can be up to 5 inches long. Deer mice breed as early as 5 weeks and live up to two year in the wild.

The Deer Mouse prefers living outdoors and can usually be found in rural areas, and sometimes inside buildings located near wooded or prairie areas where it feeds on small insects, seeds, fruits and berries.

Deer mice can carry the Hantavirus, a potentially fatal disease. Hantavirus is usually spread through contact with dead mice or breathing the air in an area they have been in. The infection is transmitted when you breathe in air with particles of waste left behind.


Light to dark brown




Deer mice often nest in sheltered outdoor areas such as old fence posts, hollow tree logs or piles of debris. During the winter months, deer mice may invade homes, garages, sheds or rarely used vehicles to seek shelter. Inside, attics and basements make the ideal deer mouse habitat. The deer mouse also builds its nest in storage boxes, stuffed furniture, drawers and wall voids.

Control Advice

Seal openings to your home, use airtight containers when storing fabrics in basements, garages or outdoor sheds. Never sweep mice droppings, get professional advice before cleaning.

Active Seasons

The Deer mouse is most active in spring, fall and winter.

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