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Have a Norway Rat Problem?


The Norway rat is one of the largest rats and is likely the most well known. Also called the Wharf rat, Brown rat, or House rat, the Norway rat body can be as long as 12” and its tail at least as long as its body. It is most active at night. Its sight is poor but its hearing and sense of smell are excellent.

Rats are not good climbers but will gain entry to a home through any opening it can find while in search of food or nesting spaces, even under a garage door. They are good swimmers and are known to inhabit sewers. Usually they will enter a home in the fall or winter when food sources are scarce outside or they are ready to breed.


Brown, gray or black




Norway rats are large rodents that may weigh in excess of 500 grams. They can reach lengths of 40 cm,and their tails alone may measure 21 cm. The body of the Norway rat is covered in shaggy fur that is brown or gray in color. The ears and tail are covered in scales, and the tail is shorter than the head and body. Droppings are capsule-shaped.

Control Advice

Seal openings to your home, use airtight containers when storing fabrics in basements, garages or attics.

Active Seasons

The Norway rat is most active in fall and winter.

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