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Have a Pack Rat Problem?


There are several species of Pack rats and their coloring varies from gray to brown to cream with an underside that is lighter. Some have tails that look like the common rat while others have bushy tails. Pack rats are nest builders and will make homes in burrows, caves, trees, cactus and under dense brush.

Pack rats get their name from their habit of taking things back to their nests. They build intricate nests with separate spaces for sleeping, storing food and discarding things they have collected. Often several pack rats will live together in one nesting site.

Pack rats that come indoors are usually looking for a nesting location in fall or winter and will usually choose a space in the attic or a hard to reach crawl space.





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Control Advice

Seal openings to your home, use airtight containers when storing fabrics in basements, garages or attics. Cut tree limbs back away from the house. Packrats are excellent climbers.

Active Seasons

The Pack rat is most active in winter, spring and fall.

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