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Have a Vole Problem?


The Vole is often mistaken for a mouse as it is similar in shape and habitat. Voles are larger than mice and have small eyes and ears, a stout body with short legs and a short furry tail.

Voles are active day and night and are excellent diggers. They spend most of their time underground, creating intricate tunnels with multiple exit points. Voles will live together if space permits.

Voles prefer to eat vegetation, with grasses, roots and bulbs their favorite foods, and will store food. They can destroy the root system of a young tree and do serious damage to gardens and landscaping plants.


Light to dark brown




Voles are mouse-like rodents known mostly for damaging grass, bulbs, trees and plant roots. Their semifossorial nature and penchant for groundcover makes them a challenge to identify and control, however certain information about voles can be useful in understanding how to prevent their damage. Havahart® provides vole facts below, including what they like to eat and how to identify signs of damage.

Control Advice

Keep yard landscaping free of leaves and overgrown grass where voles can hide their underground tunnels. Create a perimeter around gardens that is free of vegetation to discourage them from intruding. Garden fences can be used to discourage them from digging underground to get to the garden.

Active Seasons

The Vole is active all year.

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