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Have a Funnel Web Spider Problem?


There are nearly 700 known species of Funnel Web Spiders, with at least 400 in North America. The more common Funnel Web Spiders found in North America are about 1” long with long legs that enable it to run quickly to prey caught in its web.

The Funnel Web Spider spins a web that is built of layers of webbing that may appear to its prey to be a solid place to land. In later summer to early fall, males will set out in search of females. After mating, females hide their egg sac and the young hatch the following spring.

The Funnel Web Spider venom is toxic and some bites may cause serious injury or illness to humans and pets. Seek medical treatment immediately if bitten.


Brown to black


1” and larger


There are at least 40 species of funnel-web spiders and they are currently placed in two genera: Hadronyche and Atrax. They are medium to large spiders, varying from 1 cm - 5 cm body length.

Control Advice

Remove the spider and the web, being extremely cautious not to touch a living spider. If indoors, vacuum any crevices below the web.

Active Seasons

The Funnel Web Spider is most active in spring, summer and fall. It will perish in cold weather.

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