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Have a Garden Spider Problem?


The Garden Spider is common in the US. It spins a h3, intricate web in open fields or on buildings where it can securely attach the web. Some webs can be quite large, stretching three feet wide or more. The spider will rest in the center of the web, hanging upside down and wait for prey to be caught.

The Garden Spider mates once during the year and the female will lay up to a thousand eggs three or four times during the year, each time creating an egg sac that she attaches to her web and guards closely. The eggs stay in the sac through the winter and tiny young spiders emerge in the spring. The Garden Spider is not an aggressive spider and its bite is not harmful to humans.


Black and yellow


1” body with up to 3” legs


Garden spiders also are known as orb weavers due to their orb-shaped, delicate webs. Even garden spiderlings are capable of spinning these intricate structures without the assistance of mature spiders.

Control Advice

If possible, relocate the spider outdoors. Limit vegetation near the house to reduce spider activity close to the home.

Active Seasons

The Garden Spider is most active in spring, summer and fall. It perishes in cold weather.

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