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Have a Hobo Spider Problem?


The Hobo Spider generally is brown, often with a line down the center of its back and V-shaped lines pointing toward the head. Its legs extend about 1 1/2” from its body.

The Hobo Spider is one of the Funnel Web Spiders. Within the web is a funnel or hole where the Hobo Spider will lay in wait for prey to enter the web. The Hobo Spider has poor eyesight and relies on its ability to detect movement on its web to catch its prey, which it attacks quickly and aggressively.

Although it will avoid contact with humans, the Hobo Spider bite is toxic and will likely cause severe pain and possibly necrosis at the bite site. Medical attention is advised.


Brown to black


1” body with long legs


Hobo spider are Native to Europe, the aggressive house spider, or western hobo spider, was accidentally introduced to the Northwestern United States in the 1980s. They are found primarily in Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Montana and the Pacific Northwest United States. Hobo spiders belong to the Family Agelenidae, a group of spiders known for their funnel-like web construction. These arachnids spin horizontal layers of entangled silk threads that serve as nests, detection devices and traps for potential prey.

Control Advice

Remove the spider and the web, being extremely cautious not to touch a living spider. If indoors, vacuum any crevices below the web.

Active Seasons

The Hobo Spider is most active in spring, summer and fall.

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