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Have a House Spider Problem?


House Spiders are usually shades of brown or grey with long legs. There are several species of House Spiders, including the Domestic House Spider and the more aggressive Hobo Spider. Most have bodies that are about 3/4” to 1” long.

House Spiders spin large funnel shaped webs, waiting in the funnel for their prey. They are beneficial in that they prey on other insects that may be considered pests to humans and can be a good indicator that there are pest insects in the home or yard.

The venom of most House Spiders is not harmful to humans. The Hobo Spider bite may cause a painful wound that requires medical attention.


Brown or grey


3/4” to 1” body


The giant House Spider is one of several very similar species of house spider. As a group, their long-legs, dark hairy bodies and preference for houses and buildings make them unmistakeable.

Control Advice

Locate the spider or entice it to come out of the funnel hiding place, and then remove the spider and the web, avoiding direct contact with the spider. Vacuum any crevice below the funnel to pull out the spider, web, and egg sac that may be hiding or stored there.

Active Seasons

House Spiders are most active in spring, summer and fall. Some will perish in cold weather.

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