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Have a Jumping Spider Problem?


There are more than 5000 species of Jumping Spiders known, with over 300 found in North America. The ones we commonly see in our yards and homes are grey to black, with compact bodies and short legs. Unlike some other spider species, Jumping Spiders hunt during the day. They have keen eyesight and can quickly jump to catch prey or avoid capture.

Most Jumping Spiders do not spin a web to capture prey, instead relying on their excellent hunting skills. They will stalk their prey and pounce, quickly injecting it with venom. They may cast a line of silk to drop themselves to prey, catching it from above.

The Jumping Spider is not aggressive to humans and its bite is not harmful to humans. It is most likely found outdoors on plants, patios, and fences.


Grey to black




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Control Advice

If possible, relocate the spider outdoors. Limit vegetation near the house to reduce spider activity close to the home.

Active Seasons

Jumping Spiders are most active in spring, summer and fall.

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