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Have a Yellow Sac Spider Problem?


Yellow Sac Spiders are small and yellowish in color with two front legs longer than the others. During the day they rest in a protective silk tube they spin around themselves and hunt at night, venturing out in search of other insects as prey, including larger spiders.

In warm weather they live outside close to the insects they prey on. Vegetation or piles of leaves or wood are all places the Yellow Sac Spider can be found outside. In cooler weather they will move indoors.

Female Yellow Sac Spiders create an egg sac and will guard it protectively. Outdoors it will be under leaves or tree bark. Indoors it will be in corners or hidden underneath drawers or furniture.

The Yellow Sac Spider will often bite humans while hunting at night. Venom can kill cells, leaving a sore that may take weeks to heal.


Pale yellow




The yellow sac spider (Cheiracanthium inclusum) is a small spider with a body length of about ¼ inch for both males and females. It has a pale beige to yellow color and is often has a tinge of green. Its chelicerae (fangs), and the tips of their legs are dark brown. This leg coloration gives these spiders the appearance of having dark colored feet. The top part of its abdomen includes a dark, lance-shaped mark that runs down the middle of the abdomen from the point where the thorax and abdomen meet to about the mid-point of the abdomen. Another species of yellow sac spider found in the United States, Cheiracanthium mildei, looks very much like

Control Advice

Clear vegetation and garden timbers away from house, keep doors closed and seal outside cracks. Sticky traps can be used indoors.

Active Seasons

Yellow Sac Spiders are active outdoors in warm weather, and indoors in winter.

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