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Have a Clover Mite Problem?


Clover mites are tiny eight legged mites that feed on the sap of clover, grasses and other outdoor plants. They breed rapidly and in large numbers can be destructive to outdoor foliage.

Clover mites prefer living outdoors but will seek indoor shelter in cooler temperatures. The adults are smaller than the size of a pinhead but tend to group together in sunny places like a windowsill, and this makes them more noticeable. If crushed they will leave red marks.

Clover mites may feed on indoor houseplants but are not harmful to humans or pets and present more of a nuisance than a danger. If a food source cannot be located indoors they will die. Once warmer temperature resume outdoors they will move back outside.




Tiny (pinhead)

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Clover mites are 0.75–0.85 millimetres (0.030–0.033 in) long, oval shaped arachnids with a pair of long legs pointing forward often mistaken for antennae. They are reddish brown; the younger ones and the eggs are a bright red. They are extremely common in late spring.

Control Advice

Clear or remove grass and weed overgrowth near your home. If found inside, wipe them from surfaces or vacuum.

Active Seasons

Clover mites are most active outdoors in spring and summer and indoors in fall and winter.

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