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Our Comprehensive, Integrated Approach

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Our 16 Point Comprehensive, Holistic Process

Inside Your Home

  1. Comprehensive inspection of the building structure & envelope
  2. Removal, dusting, and baiting of all switch plates in all “wet areas”, (kitchens and bathrooms)
    • Dust walls through switch plate openings with delta dust or borid dust
    • Apply bait gel to inside of switch plates
  3. Bait placed under sink cabinets and behind appliances and plumbing pipes
  4. Bait applied in laundry areas, pipes and around washer, dryer, and sinks
  5. Window casings treated for all double hung windows and apply residual aerosol
  6. Bait placed in all active ant and roach trails
  7. Residual control product applied to inside of garage, porch, lanai areas & exterior doors
  8. Flea and tick treatment as needed
  9. Pheromone trap placement for targeted pests

7-8% of the American population is sensitive to allergens that cockroaches have. Recent study conducted by the AAFA showed that roach allergen was one of the primary reasons of growing asthma in children in the US. Moreover, numerous bacterial cells and pathogens are found on roaches.


Outside Your Home

  1. Detail inspection of adjacent structures including fences, sheds, playground sets, gazebos, pool cages, storage boxes, etc. ( Our goal is to identify possible problems and treat them accordingly)
  2. Complete Web Dusting
  3. Residual control products are applied eaves
  4. Perimeter structure treatment twice a year by applying a 2 feet up and 2 feet out barrier to the foundation using  alternate Termidor or residual treated every time
  5. Inspect and apply to plant and flower beds and scatter bait around structures
  6. Wasp Nest and spider webs treatment and removal
  7. Inspect and apply residual control products at building entry points and structural openings including windows, dryer vents, electrical boxes, pool equipment, AC piping, exterior pipes, etc.
What are the prices?

We give each customer a customized plan. You're unique, right? Each service plan takes into consideration your home, insect problem, and the surrounding environment. Call us real quick to discuss pricing for your home.

It is best to contact your local Branch office. Your local office will be familiar with the local landscape and can consider your unique pricing needs. Your highly trained Pest Specialists will be able to inspect your premises, assess the situation, develop scientifically proven customized solutions, implement these solutions and continue to monitor the situation to achieve long-lasting results.

Will I Ever See a Bug Again?

Probably. If a company promises that you will never see a bug again, they are lying, uneducated, or about to do something incredibly unsafe to your property. We offer Pest Control, not pest elimination. We will control the pests in a way that keeps you safe and satisfied.

We do a damn good job. 

How long is the visit?

For the first treatment, we will arrange a two hour time window for the technician to arrive. Once they arrive, the first service takes 45-60 minutes on average. Regular quarterly services take roughly 15-25 minutes

How long until the bugs are gone?

Pest activity should substantially decrease after your first visit. If you do not see significant improvement within 10-14 days, please let us know so we can provide a free re-treatment. In some cases, pest activity takes weeks or even months to get completely under control, but improvements will be immediatly noticeable shortly after you begin a quarterly program.

Do you have to treat the inside?

No. Under normal circumstances, we do treat the inside on the first visit, but this is not a requirement. Inside visits are offered at no charge on each quarterly service.

Do I need to be there?

We need you to be home for the first service. For recurring services, you don’t need to be present. As long as you are not seeing pest activity in the home, we can keep the barrier up around the outside and you should be good to go.

Do I really need pest control in the winter time?

Bugs and other pests do not magically disappear in the winter. They continue feeding and nesting in preparation for warmer weather. Our winter treatments are designed to address the seasonal pest issues that arise in cold weather, while also stopping spring pest activity before it starts.